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What is Telepractice?

Telepractice is also known as online therapy or Telehealth. It is the use of telecommunications technology to deliver health services via video conferencing.   At Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services, we will be linking our speech pathologists to you using a video conference call. You can ask for your carer, or any person you have that supports you to be invited and present in the session.  

What services can I receive?

We can provide assessment, therapy, intervention, advice, consultation and professional support.

Who can be involved?

An online speech pathology session can occur between:

  • your speech pathologist, and you
  • your speech pathologist with you as part of a group
  • your speech pathologist, you and you can have other health professionals who support you
  • you, your teacher, tutor, and other family members who support you.

How will the quality of therapy sessions be achieved?

We are using the current best-evidence in using telepractice, so we can achieve the standard level of care to you. 

We will take into account your visual and hearing skills, your level of ability, to include your attention, and concentration.

We are committed to supporting your communication and swallowing needs through arranging video conferencing appointments at a time that suits you. 

You can have support people present, such as family or carers. We can invite other support services, such as your occupational therapists, psychologist, and specialists.

We can provide education, training and advice to those who communicate with you in your day to day life.

Is the online service secure, and will my privacy be maintained?

Our telepractice session will be strictly private, and this will be at the same level you would expect in our clinic.

We are committed to using telecommunications technology that is encrypted to cloud and privacy laws.

Can I change my times and days?

Of course! Your appointment can be changed, call us on 8065 1197 or email us at

What are the benefits?

There are so many advantages:

  • you don’t need to travel
  • you are in the comfort of your home
  • you can be anywhere, as long as you have internet access
  • babysitting is not required
  • there is less risk of infection
  • your time is exclusive
  • you can have as many as people joining in the session at the same time
  • you can have your session recorded to keep
  • you will develop skills that will support communication
  • it is motivating
  • you can receive resources through your email or download them.

 How does it work?

We will be using Zoom for therapy within the comfort of your home or choice of location.

This means you don’t travel. This means we use your phone, tablet, or computer (with a camera) to contact you through the internet.

We email you an invitation.

You follow the instructions on your email.

Speech in Focus'  Online Therapy Tips

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