Developmental Delay 

Developmental Delay

Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services provides assessment services, therapy for young people and children with an intellectual disability or developmental delay.

Every person deserves the right to communicate, so, each person is treated with respect and dignity. Assessments at Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services  use modern and reliable techniques, whilst focusing on determining with you the best therapy path.  

Communication involves using your hands, eyes, body, voice, listening, thinking, planning, sharing, words, pictures, things we see around us.  Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services takes all these things and uses them in to bring about change.

Therapy is all about achieving great communication skills to match each person's potential:  

  • Key word signing
  • Picture Exchange Communication Symbols (PECS)
  • Alternative Augmentative Communication
  • Hanen It Takes Two to Talk
  • Hanen More Than Words

We individualise these research based techniques with a focus on developing communication.