Isabel in therapy

At Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services we work with you and your child from the time of early diagnosis through to adolescence.  

The aim is to develop skills in a range of areas:

  • joint attention
  • turn taking
  • sharing
  • transitioning from tasks
  • using visual symbols to communicate
  • using visual systems to understand their world
  • understanding language concepts 
  • learning to take perspective
  • understanding how to communicate through spoken and written language.
  • designing visual schedules to help with daily routines.

Each individual's goals are sensitive to their needs, their circumstances, and most importantly celebrating their interests and unique learning styles.  We want to make changes that bring out the best in the person.


Visual Scripts

Children can have a lot of difficulty understanding what will happen next.  Many children with autism need a visual tool to help them understand simple routines. At Speech in Focus, Speech Pathology Services, we design these visual aids to suit your child's needs.

Visual Supports

first and then script, speech in focus, speech pathology services

This is a simple schedule that is used.   It shows the child what we will do now (first) and what will happen next (then).  It helps with behaviour support, understanding the routine, or helping them to end an activity. 

Visual Stories

For individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities, scripts provide an essential structure. Scripts help with making sense of their world.  Visual learners do best when they can see the information.  It helps when visual scripts have a clear beginning, middle, and end to an activity.